Safe mode

When i want to start my computer up in safe mode in never works, dose any one know what is wrong, i have windows xp professional.


Your users manual, or google can tell you what key to press to enter safe mode. It won’t work unless you press the right key, at the correct time. Some systems it shows you at startup what key to press for safe mode. Some it is f8, some it is f2. It all depends. If you have a homegrown computer, you should be able to check with the motherboard manufacturer’s web site to find out how to get to safe mode.

I press the correct key and it just keeps loading and loading.

Just keep mashing the F keys :stuck_out_tongue:

Do a restart, Press F8 as soon as the post screen fades into the boot screen. This is for Win XP. Use the arrow keys to Safe Mode and hit enter.

Is your keyboard one such as the Logitech one which has an F lock key. Mine is reset (not in F lock mode) when I start or restart the computer. Until the F lock key is pressed and turns on the indicator light the F key will not be recognized.

Mate. I had the same problem and given the same bullshit advice, over and over.
Try this (attached) I hope it works for you.
Good luck
John :smiley: