Safe DVD site?


Not sure if anyone can help me? I am looking to purchase the PX 90 Workout DVD package and I came upon a site called Does anyone know if this is a safe site to order from? The cost of the DVD package is only $40.00. If not, maybe someone can suggest where I can find out more about this site? Thanks NayRock.

There are no ratings for the site at Reseller Ratings, which is on the best resources for information regarding online shops. I looked up all three of the addresses shown at the top1dvdstore site, and none are listed, which I would take as a fairly bad sign. There is virtually nothing on Google for any of those addresses either.

I wouldn’t buy from them personally.

I doubt if the PX 90 folks (among others) have entered into an agreement with:

Xiamen Software Park
shengshi Building
xiamen fujian 361005

To sell/manufacture their DVDs. Nor would they make Region free product.

Well since according to this: that domain was only registered yesterday…I hope they’re still in business tommorow…