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I've tried to copy a CD with the Safe Disk copy protection. I succeeded to make an exact copy on an other CD with Nero, but now with this copy I'm asked to enter the source copy to start the game. I've found a crackfile which bypass this demand but how now I put this patch on the copied CD. I've tried also to make with NERO an image of the source CD on my Harddisk. Again I succeeded but wath I do with this unique huge file? As you can see I'm a newbie in CD copying ...


i’d say, use blindread to make an image of that ‘so-called’ original of yours…

Than use Nero to burn the iso! Nero will say its a foreign image file, doesn’t matta, check the Cue file to know if it has to burn Mode 1 or Mode 2, and choose that option in Nero! (PS as far as i know all iso’s are raw!)

Also you could try using Fireburner, which i prefer of all! Simple, fast and working always…(had less frisbee’s since i use Fireburner! Somethimes Nero or Cdrwin dare to fuck up somethings (

Hope you got it all…success!

P.S!!! About your question, on how to add the patched (replacing *.exe / crack) on your copy! You had to choose NOT CLOSING the disc while burning a copy! Than add a track and introduce the exe file! Afther that, you can close it safely!

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