Safe disk and Alcohol120

Hey all,

I’m a newbie and :

I need your help, i know this is my first posting but i’ve tried to do as much reading as possible, i have a plextor premium v1.05, i’ve ran sheep and managed to copy SD251 which puts me in the 2 sheep region and i’ve tried almost everything to copy a pplo2hpl cd like KueBlue, the protection version is Safedisc 2.90.040, i’ve read the CD Backup & Tutorials and have tried using Alcohol 120, DiscDump, Nero, FireBurner and CD Clone to make a backup of this cd-rom, all of them let me install the software but on running it give me a macromedia Projector error…

When using Discdump (which i thought would be the easy way of doing it) i got the iso and cue file and used fireburner with both dao16 and dao96 settings and that didn’t work.

When using Alcohol 120 i wasn’t too sure if i was doing it right but tried writing it at 4x and that didn’t work

Nero and cdclone i just used the normal setting and guess what… that didn’t work either :slight_smile:

15 cd disk later and i think it time to ask for HELP!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Please could anyone help me with the settings, point me in the right direction or give me the easy way of doing it etc

Looking again at the sheep business don’t i need 3 sheep to be able to backup this cd software??


The plex premium is hit or miss with sd 2.9+. Try with both safedisc and safedisc 2/3 datatype settings, experiment using a cdrw rather than a cdr, and make sure that you enable Ignore media type in alcohol’s emulation options if playing from a writer rather than an ordinary cd/dvd rom.

[If none of the above work, try blindwrite with autoplay enabled.]