Safe disk 2 and fantom CD

I have recently had a couple of safedisk 2 games that will not run in a virtual drive on fantom cd or daemon tools. Has anyone else had this problem? Have the improved safedisk2 now so that virtual drives won’t work. any input would be appreciated.

whats your cd burner

I have had no problems in the past playing an image read from that Burner though.thats why I was wondering if they were doing anything diferent with safedisk2 protection. also I have another question. I thought with safedisk the problem was writing disks not reading them am I wrong?

the problem with SD 1/2 is when writing the cds not reading them.
why dont u use clonecd

I do use clone cd when writing disks. I’m saying that the image I read from the disk won’t play in fantom cd or daemon tools usualy they will, buy not a couple new games i have tried!!

what games were they

Somethese programs like DAEMON Tools or FantomCD are blacklisted in new SafeDisc 2 versions. Try using a newer/latest version of DAEMON Tools (v3.00) or FantomCD

I recommend Virtual CD at Works much better than Fantom CD and supports SafeII protected CDs.

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Its only been like 2 games so far one being nhl2002 I have worked around it but will try virtual cd too thanks all