Safe disk 2.8

What’s the drill with safedisk 2.8,I read a few threads and it seems it has different results. I understand that Olli:bow: :bow: :bow: has fixed this,With my litey 24102b all safe disk was done with out aws,It seems that the asus 48 is good with this. Is it the read that’s the problem like some are saying unable to read the weak sectors 100%. If so is my litey 165 good for the task with out the aws(emulate).I have gone awol for 2 months so I’m a little behind with this new update with safedisk
Please understand that i know this is no longer a prob with clone thank you

“ausjim26” wrote:


>What’s the drill with safedisk 2.8

…mmmm…there is a reading/writing problem with with 2.8x like 2.5x presented its own problems.

Using the latest version of CloneCD you choose “ignore” weak sectors on the write. Your 24102B should produce a working backup that works everywhere.