Safe Disk 2.51? HELP!

can anybody tell me what protection is used on sudden strike 2?

when i used clony, it came up as SD 2.51.
but when i tried copying it using clonecd on my liteon 32123S a copy appeared to work (and i had no reason to doubt it had worked, as all previous games that i have backed up that were protected by SD 2.51 had worked using the exact settings), but as i tried to start the game and it just asked me to insert the game disk and restart the game.:bow:

could it be that it uses a later version of safe disk not recognised by old clony and if so is it possible to copy it using clonecd?:confused:

one last question, does anybody recommend a better protection scanner other than clony?

How recently was the game released? If itโ€™s new, itโ€™ll probably have safedisc 2.8x, in which case, you have very little chance of copying it using clonecd with a Lite-on writer.

In order to copy a safedisc 2.8x protected cd either-

  • use discdump (either with its standard front-end or through the burnatonce interface) and burn in a raw mode with a program that supports cue sheets (fireburner is recommended); or
  • use discjuggler.

You can also try cd-mate as there have been reports of success with that program too.

See here for instructions.

thanks for all your help, i have now put other protection scanners on my computer and used them to find that sudden strike 2 is protected using Safedisc version 2.70.30.

before trying to create another copy, i installed the latest version of clone cd. when i had previously installed clone cd, i closed clone cd tray and disabled the autostart option, which i had since forgotten about. :rolleyes: however, after updating clone cd, i kept the tray open and this time enabled the hide cdr media option and hey presto! sudden strike 2 now works!:bow: