Safe disc v2/betablocker



downloaded a betablocker the instuctions tell me to make an image of the safe disc 2 protected game with clone cd [fast error skip enabled] three files will then apper on your harddisk called image sub,image.ccd and image img/ ware do i go to find them .iv looked and looked but with no luck !!!if i could find the image .img file i could fix my problem thanks :frowning:


Well look where CloneCD put it… Start CloneCD and start a new read session. When the settingsmenu appears click Next and in the next step you’ll see where CloneCD will store the image. Usually it will be in C:\Windows\Temp\ or with Windows 2k/XP in C:\Documents and Settings\Your username\Local Settings\Temp\

Or if you still can’t find it right-mouseclick on your Start button and choose ‘Search’. Now search for “*.IMG” (without the “”) on your system (C:\ or maybe D:)…


thank found it but it still did not make a useable copy .i then checked the list of compatible burners and mine is’nt on it dose this meen that i have to buy another burner or is there another way to acheve the results i want:rolleyes:


Which writer do you have?

For more SafeDisc 2 sollutions check this article.


why don’t you use clonecd and AWS
its much easier and it works almost every time


AWS doesnt show as a feature in the US version of CLonecd.
The way I got it to work was to change my setting to somewhere else.


i have a sony cd-r/rw crx-140e i bought this one because my old one couldent use clony . what is aws? i looked all through the lists of burners !!yeiks thers lots of them ?if i only want to correct the efm encoding of regular bit patterns to overcome the safe v2 do i need to have the buffer under run . it seem almost impossible to get just one to do everything im happy with the way my crx-140e dose all the playstion without a hitch and i have only made three costers in three hundred copys because i do a dummy run on rw first.can i have to burners connected to at once ?if so how do i do it ?.would i need a biger power suply ?. would it save me money in the long run to buy a dvd combo drive that dose them all . thanks for your help. :smiley:


Ghost Recon has SafeDisk V2, and I used a betablocker to patch the weak sectors, but I can only play it on my DVD rom. I tried using CCD’s Amplify Weak Sector option, but it didnt work. I’m have a TDK velo 241040X writer and I’m using Windows 98. I’m wondering if my TDK has trouble with SD2? I have another PC with a Teac W54E…does anyone know if it can get around SD2?..Is there a list of writers that can or can’t burn good SD2 copies? What is the best writer to copy SD2?


if I recall the main page a few weeks ago the best combo for sd2 that would play on most drives was…
Toshiba SD15-02 DVD reader
Plexwriter 24/10/40 writer
(I can’t remember which ver of firmware on the plex is best though) :confused:


thankyou crazywolf on the scrounge for toshiba sd15-02dvd reader ,can you tell me which version of firmware it uses and ware to go to get it .by for now :wink:


The Toshiba uses firmware 1008 standard but there’s a firmware out there (1012) which will make the drive region-free (I’m currently using it). The Plex writer will work best with the latest firmware.

But I don’t know if the Plex-Tosh is the best combo to go for… The Tosh has some problems reading SafeDisc 2 protected games I believe. The Liteon 163 DVD also seems to be an excellent choice.


found plextor .com and serched the american sites and found the 24/10/40a internal atapi [e-ide] for $209 us is that a good price .
i’v did a bit of reading and the toshba dvd romsdm1502 [0.1] seems to work useing cdmate going to try to find this to and see if this is cheeper:D