? Safe Disc v2.70.030 Crack?

ok first of all hello to everyone :iagree:

I was looking for a NO/CD crack for Halo Combat Evolved 1.07
I lost my Original CD some time back and borrowed one from my friend !
he downloaded it from the net (so he’s not able to play online)
i still had the Serial Key so i’m still able to play online ! :smiley:

but the problem is that after updating the game to 1.07
there is no 1.07.exe crack !
i searched alot and got one but its fake…
i mean its the only 1.07 no/cd exe available and it will show also that its 1.07 but when u check it in the game it will say 1.04 ! :sad:

so what happens is that i only get around 30-40 servers instead of getting 500+ servers !

so now i don’t know how to run the game without the cracked exe !
the game uses Safe Disc v2.70.030

the copy of the game i have is ripped by some unknown person !
as my friend downloaded an ISO from the internet
he gave me the ISO in a flash drive and i just copied the file and Mounted to Deamon Tools 4.09HE

the game installed normally and updated also but i cannot launch it!
deamon tools get busted and i can’t find any Software which will crack safe disc v2.70.030 :frowning:

so all i want is a software which will crack safe disc v2.70.030 and let me play the game without using the no/cd crack !

any help would be appreciated :bow:

thank u!

Sorry but you’ll get no help here with cracked versions or illegally-distributed software. :cop:

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