Safe Disc 3.2.x.x Burners (Sims 2)

Hi i’m a n00b on this forum so please don’t flame me too bad…I have a copy of The Sims 2 and I was wondering if only certain cd drives are able to read and write the sims 2 to make a correct backup disc or if my stock cd-rw drive would work…thank you (really need a backup for my sims2)

Lite-on dvd rom drives read SafeDisc backups pretty good. So if your looking for a no shit solution, then get one and burn with the SafeDisc 2/3 settings in Alcohol 120%.

But if u aint, then a Asus CD-RW or Lite-on CD-RW would be a good choice.

So basically the bruner that came with my computer (48x) probably won’t be able to make me a back up copy of The Sims 2? :sad:

That depends on what it is…every burner is different…what make / model of burner do you have?

hmmm… i bought a ASUS 523252, wasnt able to copy SafeDisc 3.2, latest it could copy was 3.10 :sad:

:o oops double post :o

Strange my asus 523252 works great with 3.2

I use it to read at 4x and my liteon equivalent to write.

my asus 5224a, 5232as and aopen 5232crw can all make working backups of safedisk 3.2, the only problem is that the backup only works in about 70% of my drives (I have 14 drives - burners & dvd-roms). I find burning on different disks gives different results.

ok, what software did you use to make the working backups? and with what settings?

  • ben :slight_smile:

I mainly use Blindwrite, using the tweaker to set the read speed to 4 and that’s it. If you want to uncheck autoplay, go ahead, otherwise leave it on.

ok, so i just use blindwrite 5, with tweaker 1.5.6, and all options default execpt read/write at 4x and autoplay disabled, will try, ben :slight_smile:

you can write at what ever speed you want

ok, well whenever i have tried copying games that are heavily protected i write at 4x, just to be on the safe side :slight_smile:

Leave autoplay on - there is no reason to disable it.

:iagree: :iagree:

ok, i tried with and without autoplay, still no luck, just went on reading the cd forever :frowning:

eh? it takes me about 20 minutes to read the disc at 4x!

no, i mean when the game loads up! it just says on the splash screen untill eventually a windows error message comes up.

  • ben

ah i see ok, well not sure then. Use Game Jackal it’s a lot simpler :wink:

Did someone give a try with Plex8/20 SCSI and SD3.20 ?

An if yes wich software, settings and result !!!

many thx.

PS: I have tested Plex8/20 and Doom3 SD3.20 with Alcohol newest version
and “User-Settings” @4x and EFM (AWS) disabled.
The backup works in Toshiba SD-M1712 but not in Toshiba SD-M1402 :a