Safe Disc 2.*** ATIP Check

I’m alittle confused and was wondering if anyone can shed some light on it for me…

I copied mohaa and the game will only play if i have hide cdr media enabled… as i’m asked to insert the cd - now i take it this is because of the atip check?
people say that they have fully working 1:1 backups so how did they get around this check?

i used a 12X Freecom and CloneCD 4

Cheers Renke

If you insert the CD into your DVD/CD drive hide cdr media is not needed since a DVD/CD drive can’t do an ATIP check !

Hide cdr media is only needed is you use the backup copy from your CD-RW


However some CD-RW can only make SafeDisc 2 copies which will only run on the CD-RW which it is made and not on anything else.

Just a small additional note: there’s no 1:1 way around the ATIP check when playing from a CD-Writer. So when people say they’ve made a 1:1 copy this means that they can play it from every device and even writers as long as ‘Hide CDR Media’ is enabled.