Safe Disc 2.9 and Above with Plex 48x24x48

I have a Plextor 48x24x48 with 1.5 firmware and the latest alcohol version. Also i use alcoholer and Clony XXL.
My problem is that when i tried to copy (no emulation cd) a disc with safe disc 2.9 the copied cd does not working.I have done succesful jobs with other protections like securom and safe disc’s older version.
Does anybody out there to help ?

P.S. The last failed attempt it was Lord Of the Rings - The return of the King.

P.S.2 I have tried with Blindwright and clone cd and i had the same results.

your drive will not be able to handle the weak sectors that are in SD2.9 and 3.1…if you do use Blindwrite if version 4 make sure to have Enhance Weak Sectors ON do not use Autoplay …to see if that will help making a working backup…nevertheless, if bW5 is being used then you must download the tweaker 1.4.1 to enable eWs and make sure to turn OFF autoplay…if you have any more questions please feel free to post in the Blindwrite forum…bW is the way to go!!!

You can try hiding the ATIP (playing from the burner?) with CloneCD or Alcohol and running emulation with daemon Tools to see if the backup can actually work