Sad PS2


Back in 2006, I had a Modchip installed in a slim PS2 for me. The unit functioned great until a few days ago. I am not sure what exactly happened but I believe my brother accidentally left the unit on for an extended period of time (days, or possibly even weeks). The unit now behaves strangely. The modchip is fine as far as I can tell but the optical drive does not spin and read disks (original or backups) after starting the unit. Sometimes, by chance, the unit will start reading the disk after a few tries (both CDs and DVD games) and play them fine. Other times it will try to read the disk but say “disk cannot be read” in the browser.

My question is simply what do you you guys think I should do. I assume the issue is with the optical drive but I am not sure if spare parts are still available for these PS2s and how much it would cost to repair. Do you think this is repairable for a reasonable price? My brother only plays a few games, it may make more sense for him to purchase a used PS2 and the few games he plays.

Thanks in advance and have a happy new year,

adict2jane :cool:

I remember most modchips for a PS2 get their power derived from the laser of the dvd player. Perhaps you need to have that examined.