Well i went out and bought Sacred today and i wanted to make a backup but then i seen it had protect vob5 er sothin like that and i was wondering how to burn this…
What Burning program should I use. Which of my burners should I use (listed below)

You’ve got to use Alcohol for this choosing VOB ProtectCD V5 profile reading the DPM at 1x and I would recomend reading and writing the Image at 4x. After this enable RMPS emulation in Alcohol or DaemonTools. As far as I can remember there are some threads about Sacred maybe typing it in the search box will give you some results. Good luck :).

p.s. I would use the Toshiba for reading and the Plextor for writing, it’s your choice.

So i need emmulation for this protection?.. :-?
I want to be able to play this game in my other computer that does not have any burning software or emmulation sw on it… is that possible? If there is a burner that will do this i will buy it just tell me what one it is

You’ll need an emulation software like DaemonTools, otherwise the backup won’t work.

I dont understand… does it use like bad sectors… i mean could you explain this to me on why it wont work for some reason.
Im jusr courios
thanks much

It doesn’t use bad sectors at all.
You do need emulation. (No plex premium tricks work on this either).
I recommend using A120% for RMPS emulation at the moment as D-Tools is blacklisted in the latest patch.


well that just sux

It sure does.