Sacred Underworld No-CD or Good CD Check



Hi! I have tried making a perfect copy of the new Sacred Underworld Disc 1 that checks for the CD and have made 3 coasters. I have never tried this before but me and my stepdaughter’s husband split the price of the game (45.00) with shipping…for an expansion!- “a little steep” Anyway, I don’t think there is a no-CD patch out yet (or I can’t find one) Soooo, if both of us are going to be able to play it…we need a “good” copy of the CD #1 that the game checks. Any ideas or help appreciated. Thanks :bow:

BTW…I have Clone CD and Alcohol 120%, but can’t get them to do it :confused:


Anything to do with NO-CD cracks/patchs are against the forum rules, there is a link to the rules in my sig.

No, what you need is two legitimate copies of the game. If you check the EULA you will likely find that you are only allowed to install the game/software on one computer only, thus to install/play it on two computers you would need two legitimate copies of it.