.SAB files

I just bought tiger woods 2004 from EA Sports for PS2. I would like to somehow extract the soundtrack from this game, but do not know of a program that will deal with the .sab file that the audio is in on the disk. I have tried searching all over google and can’t seem to find a program that will work with these types of files.I also tried cube media player, and that says it is playing it, but all I get is a rhythmic static “song”. Please advise…Thanks!

unfotunately when game software programers compile they usualy make their own proprietary decoder as part and inbedded in the game. this helps defeat pirating and also prevents exactly what you want to do. unless your game is made by a large company or is super popular then you will not have anyone try to crack the code to do what you want to do. also alot of cracks and other goodies are becoming hardwer to find due to the huge crack down and shutdown of sites on the web alot of hack and crack site turn out to be endless dead ends and circles back ware you started with alot of porn mixed in. i come to wait if someone cracks it and your sab files are used alot they will post it on sites like cd freaks. that is unless the software and recording video insustries have cd freaks shut down. like they have alot of others.