S203N causing Nforce LAN to drop



Hi guys, I bought myself a new Samsung S203N and after I connected it to my NForce4 Ultra’s SATA connectors, my network connection becomes “unplugged” mysteriously for no reason – the physical cable at the back is not loose and the problem only occurs when the S203N is connected.

An error comes out “Network Cable is unplugged” in WinXP (using SP2) then a split second later the cable is connected again, and it doesn’t seem that the connection actually gets lost, because downloads don’t get cut and webpages don’t stop loading when it happens. The error message just flashes out that way.

So if the connection isn’t lost, what’s the problem? Well there was no problem at first but lately my LAN connection has been dropping out, but not when the error occurs, it just drops out randomly. The actual internet connection is still there – other PCs on my network still have the connection when the PC with the S203N loses it.

I am guessing the S203N is the culprit and have been testing it by unplugging the S203N’s SATA, and the problems seem to disappear (both the unplug warning and the mysterious dropping).

Any known issues like this with the S203N? And more importantly, any known fixes?



Download the latest drivers from Nvidia website. Have you tried using a different sata cable?


Hmm, a different SATA cable, I should try that. Thanks.

I already got the latest NVidia Force drivers so I think I’m good there. I think. :slight_smile: