S203B vs. 7200S for general use

It seems that both drives have good reviews. Any reason to pick one over the other for general use?

Are both drives capable of doing scans? It would be nice to have that because this drive is going in a uATX system that has space for only one optical drive, and it would just be easier to scan on the same PC rather than having to do scans on another … I’m lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have another drive to recommend please do so. My only ‘must have’ is the SATA interface.


The 203B will do scans, but the burn quality of the 72** series is probably better overall.
You really need to decide if scanning is that important.

7200 DOes scan too.

In my experience, 7200 does a better job in scan than 203B.

Thanx for the responses. I didn’t make up my mind yet :frowning:

At the moment I’m thinking the 7200S will probably be better for me than the Samy because I mostly burn SL - & + R, and from what I’ve been reading the 7200S seems better for that.

BUT how would the 7200S compare to the Pioneer 215D as a SL burner?

I’m pushing aside good scanning capability. I’ll just use a BenQ 1655 that I have on another system in case it’s something that I care to scan.

Thanx for the help

I own three model
:bow: 215D is best I just order second 215D :iagree:

Cool … the decision has been made :smiley: Thanx a lot!

I hope newegg does a free shipping on it for this week, I’ll wait a couple of days before ordering.

what did you purchase in the end?

I myself have an Liteon 20A1S for scanning, a pioneer 215 for DL and I have been using it for +R/-R DVD’s as well but not often and a LG 4167B that I’ve had for 3 years now for a few CDs and -R’s.

I want another writer to take some pressure off of the Pioneer, what one should I pick up? I was thinking of the 7200A/S myself, should I go for that?

I got the 7200S because it went on sale the second day after I decided on the 215D. I couldn’t resist :p. The price has dropped a wee bit more since then.
I still want to get the Pioneer 215D when I come across one on sale. I’ll put it in another system. No harm in having 2 good burners. :slight_smile:

I haven’t put the 7200S through a thorough test. But from what I’ve burned on it so far I am pretty pleased with it. I don’t regret it.

One additional thing that I liked about the 7200S is that it can do scanning, although not completely reliable, but from comparing it to scans on a BenQ 1655 it’s not too far of, and I think it’s good enough to get an idea if the disc is good enough to keep. Kind of a plus for me because the 7200S was for a micro ATX that has space for 1 optical drive.
As far as I know the 215D cannot do scanning. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Short answer: I don’t think that the 7200S will disappoint you.