S203B Scans seem very bad to me - Please advise

Please bear with me as I am quite the newbie when it comes to DVD burning.

I just received my SH-S203B drive today. After a couple of burns I became
concerned with my Nero DVD-Speed and Kprobe test results. So I used the
DVD-Speed Create Disk tool on my Nec ND-2500A and on the S203B. The
graphs from these tests are attached. Please note that the first tests were
all done using the Nvidia CK8S Serial ATA driver, nvatabus.sys. I switched
to the XP IDE drivers for the last test and it actually got worse. The
Media used for all tests is: MCC 03RG20

System Specs are:
PSU:PC Power and Cooling Silencer 610 EPS12V
MB:Gigabyte K8NSNXP-939 (NVIDIA nForce3 Ultra)
RAM:2x512MB PC-3200 Corsair TWINX1024-3200XLPRO
HD: 250gb WD SATA - onboard sata
400gb Seagate SATA - Silicon Image sil3512 controller
400gb Hitachi SATA - Silicon Image sil3512 controller
DVD/RW:Samsung SH-S203B with SB01 FW - onboard sata
DVD/RW:NEC DVD_RW ND-2500A with Liggy’s 2.19 firmware including booktype, riplock and RPC1 patch
Video:HIS X1950 Pro
Sound:X-FI ExtremeMusic

The attached images are summarized as follows:

  1. DVD-Speed Create Disc on the S203B and the NEC ND-2500A

  2. Disc quality test of movie I burned with Nero

  3. Disc quality test of the S203B DVD-Speed created disc.

  4. Disc quality test of the NEC ND-2500A DVD-Speed created disc.

  5. TRT Test on S203B.png

  6. DVD-Speed Create Disc on the S203B using default IDE driver

  7. Disc quality test of the S203B DVD-Speed created disc using default IDE driver

TRT looks good.

I think you just have a crappy scanning drive.

My 203B is not so great of a scanner either so I wouldn’t be overly concerned, BUT you really need to find a Lite-On or BenQ to do a scan on and compare results before you decide it’s a bad drive or not.

I think you just have bad media. I recently got a batch of the same media code and it was junk also. I got 80-160 PIE throughout the disk written at 12x speeds scanning with a Plextor. Never anything but TY for me anymore.

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BTW, CD/DVD Speed 052000 error code is only because S203B can’t report jitter…(yet).

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nuihc - Possible conflict with your NF3 SATA controller drivers or system configuration?

I’m having the same problem getting good SH-S203B writing on TYG02/G03 media, when doing quality scans with a Liteon 20A1L or NEC ND-3550. PIE’s average 400+, yet PIF/jitter are decent; good TRT on any drive.

Interestingly, the same setup gives me good burns/scans with MCC 03RG20 MIT media…

The only good TY DQ scan the 20A1L gives me is from TYG01 burned a few years ago with a NEC ND-2500.

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oh well. better late than never :slight_smile:

And thanks for the info everyone. Luckily, I just got permission to replace the DVD writer in my work PC so of course I am going to read some posts to find the best scanning drive available. I’ll post the results from these same dvd’s from a real scanner just as soon as I can.

Dont let all this scanning scare you, the main thing is whatever your burning and it plays back in whatever you got without skip’s, lockup’s etc.

We all know most of us are not using a dvd burner for backing up our data…haha

Some people here are obcessed with this stuff and sure i’ve scanned a few in my day, but i can’t see wasting 100 or 1000’s of blanks for the purpose of making a worthless coaster for my beer.