S203B problem

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SH-S203B / TS-H653B. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have this S203B which I bought back in 2007. What happen lately is that it will stop burning during a burn…ie lights will not flash but program still indicate it is burning but the progress bar will stop for example at 50% etc…this happened to both Imgburn and the Nero version which came with the drive.

Both programs didn’t show any error…the drive simply stop burning and either program will keep running but the progress bar stopped.

BTW, I have no way to stop the program either although the program indicated that I stopped the burning progress but the only way to stop it is to use Windows Task manager to stop the task but afterwards the burner will not response, ie open the tray etc until a windows restart or hard reset sometime is required.

When the drive works it works perfectly, above happens randomly and already casued a few coasters.

Is the drive dying or sometime else? anyone?

Oh, one last question, what to use for regreasing the parts inside the drive? Tia


have you checked Windows Event Viewer if there were some drive or controller related error messages?

I would also replace the Sata cable and see if things improve.

As for regreasing the rails, i would try either some silicone grease or simply vaseline.