S202J not the same hardware as S203B?

Due to not having spare SATA connections I have to see if I can get the PATA version of the S203B. This should be the S202G but I can not find that for love of money in the U.K. The only thing coming up is the S202J but after reading around I am coming to the conclusion it is not exactly the same as the S203B apart from PATA interface.

Can anyone confirm this?

So far from what i have read and scans posted is i am not sure if it is a hardware problem or firmware.

If we could crossflash them it would rule out f/w.


according to the specs published on Samsung official website, the 202H is more similar to the 203B (both with 16x DVD+R DL write support).

Crossflashing a PATA firmware to a SATA drive will kill the drive definitely btw.


Well, the chipsets used are slightly different [1858 for PATA vs 1859 for SATA; as a result, the mainboard in the drive changed], but some/most of the rest of the drive might be the same. However, it has been said that Samsung worked on the 20x series more for SATA than PATA. As a result, there might be some hardware differences besides the chipset and mainboard that no one has been able to note.

Or the only other differences might be in firmware “quality”.

Here is what I know:

The SH-S202G will crossflash to the SH-202J firmware. Using the J’s SB01 firmware I get much better burns…so far…

The SH-202G will not crossflash to the SH-202H firmware. The drive will not recognize any media.

I can only assume the SH-202J will crossflash to the SH-S202G firmware but at this point I see no advantage to that unless the G firmware gets much better.