S183A writes only 8x on 16x disc

Just wondering if anyone has experienced the drive writing only on 8x. Both nero and alcohol write 8x on FujiFilm 16x Dvd+R.

I looked on Nero, it indicated that the drive was on ide rather than sata. Updated firmware to sb03.

Can someone help me get 16x speeds?

Hi and Welcome!

some media are supported only with lower speeds than printed on the disc. This is intended then in order to preserve quality.

Please run Nero CD/DVD Speed, select the “Disc Info” tab and post the MID reported there.


I think what the problem is now, xp does not recognize my optical drive as sata.
I was looking into how to do it, but I don’t even have a floppy drive to slipstream drivers

Provide the infos mciahel asked for.