S182D only detected as 16x

I’m using Nero and and it only detects the drive as 16x in all of its tools.
I was using nero 7.0 but I upgraded to and it still only shows 16x as the burn speed.

I have some 16x RiDATA discs I wanted to try to overspeed, but I don’t know how.

Also when I did nero cd speed create disk, it got to 10x then jumped to 8x and completed the burn at 8x. :sad: It avg’d 40% CPU. I have a athlon 2600+.
Though I was looking at task manager and it didn’t go over 15% ever there.
When I tried to do the scan disk the whole tool just crashed.



There are probably only a few media that can burn up to 18x like YUDEN000T03, TYG03, and MCC03RG20. I highly doubt RiData is included on that list since it doesn’t even does a good job at 16x at times. When the burner used a lower speed, that usually translates to poor media quality. CD-DVD Speed may not support scanning with the S182D even after editing the registry. There are a few threads mentioning how, you can search for it. Lastly, check to make sure the DMA is enabled.

All explained on the Samsung site!!!

I’ve looked through http://samsungodd.com/eng/ high and low. Couldn’t find anything. They don’t even list this drive in their support form drop down to email them.

I forgot to mention before I’m using firmware SB02. First thing I did before even putting a disk in the drive.

I have since been able to do a scan disk without it crashing.
I had searched for those registry values before but they don’t exist till you run the cd/dvd-speed tool. I removed the values and can run the quality check now.

DMA mode is enabled.

Those other mfg discs you mentioned, aren’t they marked for 16x? How do you get the choice to even burn them at 18x?

The thing I’m most concerned with is the fact that nowhere on my system can it detect the drive as a 18x burner regardless of disc type. Is that normal for this drive? It would be nice if nero said it even had the capability to burn at 18x.


Look at the thread started by Jan70. It is capable of selecting 18x as the burn speed.

Hi phazeii, and welcome to our forum. :flower:

So far the following 16x media can be written at 18x:

Taiyo Yuden:
YUDEN000 T03

MCC 03RG20
MCC 004