S/ware,H/ware Help 4 Copying DVD on the fly or 2 disk?

Thank you in advance if you contribute to helping me xx

Problem: I want to make back-up copies of my DVD collection.

Does nero v5.5 allow dvd copy on the fly? If not please tell me what software does.

My understanding is that ‘on the fly’ will allow me for example-to put an original dvd rom media into a DVD rom drive, and put a DVD+R/RW media (to make the copy) into a DVD+RW drive(meaning there will be no need to rip to the HD first and then burn from the image to the DVD+RW disk afterwards-thus making the copy process much quicker)…Is this a correct assessment?

I already have a Philips DVDRW228k/00 (DVD+RW drive to do the burning with).
Problem: I need either a standalone DVD-ROM drive or a combi CD-RW/DVD-ROM to read from, and i don’t know what is best to go for?
Do i go for an Aopen DVD-1648 (as a DVD-ROM drive) or an LG GCC-4120B (as a combi dvd/cdrw drive)?
I noticed looking at the spec of the LG that it supports reading of DVD-R and DVD-RW which i don’t think the Aopen does-do you think it’s best to go for the LG?

The question is do i need to buy another DVD unit seeing as i already have the Philips-i.e. i have plenty of disk space, and can’t i just use the one same drive to rip an image of the original dvd (using the software i don’t know of yet)-to the harddrive, and then just use the same drive to burn the image with onto the DVD+RW media?

Btw, i also have a cdrw-is there anyway to upgrade the firmware to make it capable of reading DVD-ROMs? (thus meaning i wouldn’t need to buy a new dvd unit anyway)

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This is all too much! :eek:

i think a writable dvd is smaller then a dvd movie…not sure about that
that wil mean that your movies won’t fit on a writable dvd

on the fly meand from drive to drive…with out making an image on the drive

The AOpen can, as every other dvd-rom drive, read DVD-R and DVD-RW (however, some drives can’t read crap media). But DVD+RW is less compatible and doesn’t work on some drives.

If a drive explicitely supports dvd-r(w) reading, then it probably can read crap media.

Originally posted by «NOOB OF NOOBS»
i also have a cdrw-is there anyway to upgrade the firmware to make it capable of reading DVD-ROMs?

Dvd uses a different laser then a cd-rw, so that will never be possible.

Thanks for replies. Looking at it i think the LG’s more flexible then-or should i say more ‘backward compatible’.
Ok, true, DVD-RW media is more compatible with existing DVD-ROM drives over DVD+RW…but marginally; not sure that is the comparative case with DVD+R media tho, which appears to be just as widely compatible with existing DVD-ROMs (at the least the ones anyone would want to bother with anyway!).
I’ve read that most recent and upcoming DVD-Video players/recorders are being made to be compatible with DVD+RW media, including the vast majority of new pc based DVD-ROM players.
I guess years old DVD-ROM players won’t be compatible-but then again, is a 1.44mb floppy compatible with a DVD-ROM? Likewise who has got a CD-ROM drive anymore and not a CD-RW-in fact, what’s the point today in anyone having a CD-ROM drive in their PC?-(unless it’s a laptop or something and physically stuck!) Times move on don’t they?
Looking at it DVD+RW looks like being the best copy media for the future due to it’s industry back-up ('scuse the pun), and having new double sided discs that increase the capacity to 9.4gb over the standard 4.7gb discs!
Anything backed by Philips and Sony i’m afraid gets my vote.
Besides just like with CD-R and CD-RW, DVD+R will be more widely used than DVD+RW (due to it being considerably cheaper)-and it’s even more widely compatible with the range of existing DVD-Video players and PC based DVD-ROMs-i use that type of media most. DVD+R’s are accepted in my playstation2 which is my DVD-Video player for the moment so i’m happy.

For evidence of DVD+R(W) compatibility i looked here: http://www.dvdplusrw.org/