S-video out ( AIW ) problem recording

i believe this has to do with macrovision :: i tried making an extra copy of my dvd and it wouldnot let me do it it keeps on showing same clip again and again and than started flickering …

i m in united states
running an windows xp
Video card with tv out capability
All in wonder radeon
i heard of a program which disables the macrovision on the aiw card if u could plz name it or else help in this situation it would be very helpful thanx


Perhaps a smart program that could rip DVD files could help you.

Try a Google search for a SmartRipper. :wink:

what software do you use for viewing???

Ati multi meter center the latest xp compatible version :slight_smile:

did you try some other dvd software that is capable of (s)vcd??

After extracting files with SmartRipper, load the VOB files in a playlist using PowerDVD. This will give DVD quality macrovision free output.