S-Video in

Now those in the USA will be aware that you can input S-Video into the LVW500X family without problems, but here in the uk we have to use S-Video over SCART yet my unit fails to decode the Chromaince signal thus I get a Black and white image - The source is fine and if pluged in to the PC I get a full colour composition.

I know the TV has a problem with S-Video (infact it hates it and will produce a similar image but with red green and blue speckles all over (bit like hundreds and thousands))

so will it record the colour to disk ?

and would it downvert the signal to Comp?

but here in the uk we have to use S-Video over SCART yet my unit fails to decode
I’ve been toying with this the last few days; being as my 5004 puts out sync on green (the telly is unaware so the picture is too green) I have been using the s-video out on scart instead (the telly scart is switchable either cvbs/rgb or s-video) which works fine.

It’d be great to source the s-video from my DVR to keep it all the same, but the s-video pins on scart share the same pins as the red signal, so if it were capable it would need an option to switch to s-video from rgb/cvbs.

It’d be great if you get anywhere with this, I expect it’s in there somewhere, just not brought out onto the scart.

The trouble is I have found that the Scart can’t work out you are using S-video the only TV it works correctly on needs to be told the input is S-video, to me this seems stupid that the 5004 although for Europe only has no option for the input to be Scart, but having said that the Picture from the composite or AV1 front has no scrolling bars which dog the scart sockets.