S-video in. Should I use S-video or component out?



The third of my trilogy of questions raised by my recent purchase of a new DVD recorder. :smiley:

Our new DVD recorder is hooked up to our Dish DVR via S-video (the best output the Dish has). The DVD recorder has S-video and component output. I’m currently using S-video to the TV just because that was the cable I already had.

If I use the DVD recorder to play comercial DVDs, I’m assuming connecting it to the TV via component will give a better picture (I say assume because I haven’t tried it and I have read that a few TVs convert component into S-video internally to save money on circuitry.

Is my best bet to leave the DVD recorder hooked up the way it is (S-video)and only use it to record - or - switch to component cables to the TV and use the recorder as a player also? I realize the DVD recorder will wear out faster that way, but I can also reclaim the space the DVD player is taking up, eliminate one remote (I’ve tried and don’t like universals) and have one less input to the TV to confuse some family members :wink:


Hello again. Component will give the best picture and with your 60" TV the difference will not be subtle. I don’t know of any decent quality TV’s that convert component signals. Once the signal is fed to the TV it is then processed to provide the seperate RGB feeds to each CRT. DLP is a little different but follows a similar path.

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Thanks. I’ll hook the DVD recorder to the TV via component (and retire the separate DVD player).


Component, DVI or HDMI whenever and wherever possible. S-video or SCART (not widely used in the US but is used in the EU and Australia) is next in quality followed by crappy composite (yellow RCA).