S video cable splitter

Is there such a thing as an S-Video cable splitter
And if there is will it degrade the signal

My SAT box only has one S-video output and
I like to connect them to two devices

  1. TV
  2. DVD recorder

reason is so i can get high quality recordings from my sat receiver. Next best thing will be to use the 3RCA (YWR) phono plugs


I would recommend using the rca plugs. I’ve done a lot of reading on video capture/editing sites/forums, and they always say to use rca over s-video.

What country are you in?

Mind linking me? I’ve always known S-Video to be the step above RCA…

i tooo thought s-video is superior

anyone thinks that a $60 s video cable is significantly better then a $6 s video cable ???

As for splitting, I’d probably just hook up to the TV via the RCA’s… Unless you’ve got a giant screen, I doubt you’ll be able to really tell.

From dvdrhelp.com.

Just found this from Lordsmurf:

An S-VHS VCR, a good one, will at least clean up the chroma mess made on ALL VHS tapes. That’s the only real draw to the machine, improving the image quality.

But even then, use composite, not s-video.

From this thread: http://www.videohelp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=247084&highlight=vhs

Got to admit that alot of the stuff on the linked page went over my head as there is still alot of conflicting opinion.

Might want to give this a look see.



A DVD’s picture information is stored as several separate picture elements: Luminance (or brightness), and Red and Blue picture information (Y R-Y B-Y). Transmitting these picture elements separately eliminates artifacts that might occur were they stored together as a composite signal. Composite video signals must be separated into their separate picture components by the television, with variable and unpredictable results. Component video inputs/outputs use three conventional RCA/coaxial cables, and are currently the highest quality video connection available between a DVD player and television. If your television or DVD player does not include component video inputs or outputs, S-Video cabling should be used instead, with composite RCA/RF as a last resort.

Component video inputs/outputs use three conventional RCA/coaxial cables, and are currently the highest quality video connection


1st=Component I/O

S-Video cabling should be used

2nd=S-video I/O

with composite RCA/RF as a last resort.

3rd and last desired=Composite I/O


Guess when I said RCA, I should have been specific and said RCA Component cables. Monsters are better, but cost an arm and a leg.

Yeah I guess… “RCA” is pretty much always referring to composite cables (yellow video, white and red audio), I’ve never heard someone call Component video “RCA Component” or anything.


A few weeks ago I picked up a S-Video/Analog switch box at Circuit City.

The device has 4 S-Video/Analog Video and Audio inputs. It also has two S-Video outputs. The device also contains an RF Modulator. The RF Modulator lets you send combined audio/video direct to your TV via a Standard TV coaxial RF output to input

It’s called a Terk Video Switch (MOD-41), and you can check it out here:


It has:

4-input RF modulator: Connects up to four A/V source inputs to your coaxial RF input, upgrading older TVs for use with DVD, PVR, VCR, camcorders and video game systems.

Compatible with: Most TVs, including ones with only coaxial RF inputs.

and it sells for: $34.99

It was exactly what I needed and may be what you are looking for.



I just found the same switch for $21.43 at: