(S)VCDs with chapters?



This can be impossible, but my question is : I’m no more an admin of my PC because, for safety reasons, a PC whose I’m not admin is less open to ads, viruses…
I had VCDEasy, and it worked great. The problem is that if I try to run t now it says: “VCDEasy needs admin rights…” and therefore, even I installed properly when I was admin of my PC, I’ve lost it.
Is there some patch that allows VCDEasy to run evein if you don’t have Admin privileges (I set correctly the ASPI on my PC with ForceASPI, in any case I chose, as burner, the ‘virtual image recorder’ for sefety (maybe my CD-Rom isn’t recognized by CDRDAO), I chose the VCD image destination directory and so on).
Now I’m done because my job’s technicians removed my admin privileges. Am I condemned to lose VCDEasy as well?


cannot help you with your problem, but what has your post to do with it’s title: (S)VCDs with chapters? ?


Because I reembered that VCDEasy’s possibility to choose "skip some time (e.g. 5’) when you press NEXT’ is called chapters. Isn’t this true?


Scan your system for a virus or multi-spyware. Clean off any that are found and VCDeasy will work again.


No, my PC is absolutely clean (it’s brand, protected and regularly scenned by antiviruses and don’t have admin prority just for being unable to get spyware),



The restriction of VCDEasy is that CDRDao works only under admin priveleges due to the very nature of DAO(Disc/Data Access Object) Hence the Data is written just as a file is written under explorer(Here the data is the image of the final output of the VCD/SVCD). So in order for the image to be created/Burnt,VCDEasy requires full access to every file/disc on the system.

So Admin is a must. I may be wrong but this is what I read about this problem 5 years ago.

Hope this helps.


This is absurd, because I was worried about that and when I was Admin I changed the ‘burner’ to ‘image file recorder’. I thought that non-admin would have simply made this setting unchangeble…
Ok, thanks anyway!



I think you misunderstood. image file recorder/Burner settings has nothing to do with the output of VCDEasy since the only output which VCDEasy generates is in Raw mode(bin/cue files). For further clarification you can check the VCDEasy homepage(www.vcdeasy.org) which clearly mentions the reason for the Admin restriction and can do a much better job explaining the reason why(specifically check the forums).

Hope this helps.