The first proper release version of (S)VCD2DVDMPG is out & ready for download. Version 1.0 adds several new features over previous beta versions, including: VCD support & sequence header patching of entire files.

(S)VCD2DVDMPG helps users turn (S)VCD content into DVD compliant assets, ready for authoring DVDRs. It automates the following steps:

  • rip (S)VCD .bin images to mpgs
  • demux mpgs to elementary streams (ES)
  • resample the audio ES from 44.1 KHz to 48 KHz
  • patch the video ES/PS to DVD horizontal resolution
  • optionally remux the ES streams into a mpg program stream (PS)
  • Repatch VOB files after DVD authoring

The tool is a GUI front-end for the following command line tools:

  • BeSweet
  • MpegTx
  • Mjpegtools
  • VCDImager

The authors of these tools deserve the credit.

www.svcd2dvdmpg.com has guides & info to compliment the download.