S/PDIF output on ltr52246S

got a new burner from LiteOn…great RMA service and I appreciate that. I submitted a request for return on a burner that was manuf on 2/03 and had excellent Customer Service, took a week to have new burner and it works great. THE ONLY PROBLEM is the sound output, it is going from the S/PDIF plug on burner to S/PDIF to the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz S/PDIF input. This is the first time I have had a burner hooked up with a S/PDIF cable. I am getting no sound from my speaker setup Logitech. I have tried changing everything I can think of (control panel, etc)…if you have any idea on what I need to get an audio output through the Logitech 3/piece sound system let me know. I have extracted and burned through Nero and everything works fine. Only problem I have is the output to my speaker system…I get nothing (soundwise) but if I plugin the headphone on the new drive it gets the sound. What is going on here?? Thanks in advance for any help…


The digital out on the drive is the 2-wire connector next to the analog audio (4-wire). It should go to your card and be connected to the digital in (SPDIF). You will then need to turn on the input in your sound card driver.
If all else fails, you can input the same signal through the IDE cable just by enabling digital audio on the drive in Windows.

in the control panel/mulitmedia options/cd music the option for digital output is grayed out. I still cannot get sound out to my speakers. There is no option on the Santa Cruz control panel to “turn on” digital. Any ideas???


You don’t have a mixer panel for the inputs? then I’m stumped I guess.