S.ATA vs. IDE - wich should I buy?

Im buying two new DVD burners for my next build. S.ATA seems like the superior choice as is it the successor to IDE, but I have heard of problems with S.ATA and wonder if it is as good as IDE at this point in time.

If S.ATA is the better choice, are there any of those drives with LightScribe (hopefully LG :stuck_out_tongue: )?

And lastly, is 18x worth any ammount extra over 16x?

Thank You!


Personally I will not buy any more PATA drives, but there is a catch. You may not be able to install XP from a SATA drive. I guess it depends on whether the XP installer has a driver. But you may be able to do it anyway if you have the driver on a floppy.

I have a SATA DVD burner attached to a SiI 3114 PCI to SATA card and it works fine except XP refuses to install from it. I haven’t tried the floppy thing because I have an external USB drive I can use to install XP. It’s pretty stupid because the XP installation CD boots and all the drivers etc. are read from it but it refuses to install XP. Hopefully the Vista installer works better.

Samsung SH-S183L:

I converted a Samsung IDE SH-S182M to SATA with a SiliconImage bridge on the back. Works great (haven’t tried LightScribe) but will not boot from a socket A motherboard. Newer motherboards probably don’t have this problem.

And lastly, is 18x worth any amount extra over 16x?

No. (Well, maybe it is if you have overclocker’s syndrome–faster is always better, no matter how unstable!)

Alright, so I can physically connect the drive, but i cannot install XP from it? Uh… so does that mean i cant buy it? I dont want to buy Vista till SP1.

And also, is SATA actually better than IDE at anything when it comes to ODD’s? All my HDD’s are SATA, so i just thought id go ahead with the technology, but that would leave my IDE slot empty and the SATA apperantly cant boot XP.

The [B]Samsung SH-S183L[/B] is one possibility. Ive also found the [B]Asus DRW-1814BLT[/B].

I would say SATA optical drives are no better than PATA drives.

But I like them better for 3 reasons.

  1. I don’t like plugging and unplugging those big PATA ribbon cables. Especially the motherboard end. I’m afraid of a cracked motherboard or bent pins. The SATA cables are much better. And of course they are smaller and make a neater installation.

  2. To put a PATA drive in an external enclosure requires a USB or firewire bridge chipset. These bridges have often been troublesome, and finding a good one isn’t easy. With SATA, it’s SATA all the way. So there is no difference between an internal drive and an external drive. The downside is the SATA cable needs to be fairly short.

  3. It’s the wave of the future.

But if you don’t have another drive you can install XP from, then I guess your one and only drive should be PATA.

. . . and a big advantage of SATA cables is increased airflow through the computer case.

I’ve found no problem in booting/installing from SATA drives. SATA only for me now :slight_smile:

IMHO, Sata optical drives deliver “0” benefit. For tried and true, safe and sound, stick with IDE. (and cheaper, too)

Why would I want to stick with IDE? If nothing else, the cables are smaller wich is actually a big plus for a case like the one im going to buy (airflow-wise).

I think ill go with the SATA. I found one with LightScribe that is cheaper than any IDE with lightscribe ive seen. So the price is actually a lot better. Later on, ill buy another one.

Thank You all for your help. It is VERY appriciated!