S-ATA DVD Burner GSA-H30N from LG

I couldn’t find any post regarding LG GSA-H30N here.


Costs nearly same as LG GSA-H10N, GSA-H10A, and GSA-4167B.

Sweet, may be it will make it here to the states soon. Hopefully, it’s native SATA and not a bridge.

It seems GSA-H30N first appeared in early July in Seoul.

Thanks Kenny I will have a hard time waiting for this drive.:slight_smile:

was mentioned in the GSA-H10N thread, posts #157, 159
i linked to CDRLabs, Ian posted specs there (in English).

Bought this drive on July 5th.There’s only a boxed version with a light gray face available in Seoul at this time.

I put a black face from a dead drive on this one to match the rest of my case implants.Fit perfectly except for the led which needs to be brought forward.The gray face has a plastic insert in the hole but it doesn’t fit the hole in the black face.No trouble seeing the green led without it.

My XP pro recognized it as GSA-H30N 1.00.Installation was painless without requiring any software just connecting the SATA cable and power connector.

On the CD is Power DVD 6.0,Power Producer,Nero Express,InCD,Acrobat Reader 5.0.5 and the LG Firmware updater ver 3.01.0705.01.The updater is a little buggy.

I’ll try to post some scans within the next few days. from H30N burns scanned on a BenQ 1655.

The 12X DVD-RAM has still failed to make an appearance.

Thanks, my “search” didn’t produce those links though I tried several times. :slight_smile:

From CDRLabs forum,


Post #6

DVD recorders are not much used in South Korea because they have always been too expensive in South Korea compared to DVD players and PC DVD burners. The reason is it’s a consumer electronics market where end users typically do not spend too much time trying to find solutions and only LG and Samsung matter in this closed market. It’s very different with PC DVD burners. Only the very early adopting enthusiasts bothered to spend hundreds of USD’s on DVD burners years ago and, before that, even thousands on CD burners. They know the quality differences among Kodak, Mitsui, Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, SKC, etc.

DVD-R DL hardly exist in South Korea and even a 8x DVD+R DL media still costs about US$5 to US$7 in Seoul.

There’s only Verbatim 4x DVD-R DL here.


#1 selling DL media = Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL (US$3)
#2 = Ricoh 2.4x DVD+R DL (US$3)

I’ll probably buy one as soon as D&Gear or another imports back-imported GSA-H30N. :slight_smile:


LG Electronics chose 50 consumers at danawa.co.kr as GSA-H30N field testers. (Posted on June 26.)

Samsung SH-W163A is a bit more expensive yet.

Specifications in Korean.

From lge.co.kr



LG.GSA-H30N.SPEC.Korean.txt (1.24 KB)

Thanks for the info Kenshin, Dodecahedron and all on the new drive.

No 12x DVD-R writing. Looks like a Renesas chipset writer again.

That’s newer than the “new” version released about a month ago or so on LG’s service websites, which is 2.01.0220.01. Earlier version than that are even more buggy. What bugs does your version have?

If I am right about this drive using a Renesas chipset, you might end up with quite horrible scans. If this happens, don’t panic. BenQ writers have had problems scanning burns on the H10x series of writers as well and my guess is your drive might be based on that drive. Scans of the same discs using Lite-On writers look completely different. Something about BenQ writers scanning discs on that series of LG writers. BenQ scans of burns on other LG models are ok.

@drunkndisordly. Just out of interest what chipset (Mobo) did you connect the drive to?

I’m using an Asus P4P800-E Deluxe(865P) with a 3.0ghz P4.I’m running 2 WD 74gb Raptors in a Raid 0 array.

I have Vista build 5472.5 on a single WD 120gb ide in the same box also.

There’s a WD SATAII 320gb storage drive.I have the BenQ1655 and a PioneerA10XLB connected also.

I also have a Plextor Premium and a LiteOn 812 on the shelf.

The firmware auto-update program was downloaded from the LG Korea site.It was the version 2 that you mention.After it was installed it auto updated itself to the version 3.

The LG Korea site is terrible to navigate and for the pages to load.It takes several minutes for pages to load.

Here’s the link to the firmware updater but be warned that it may load very slowly.Click on the leftside of the page on the second line that has the hyphen in front(above the bottom link with the word go in it).


Hope it works.

Though I haven’t read much about GSA-H30N, I felt it was just GSA-H10N plus PATA-to-SATA converter. Though some speeds are different between the two, it could have been just some random policy adjustments. Maybe LG thought the 10x DVD+R DL speed was an overkill while nobody can buy a 10x DVD+R DL media on the market. Just a speculation. There must be at least a few users who tried to look at the inside of GSA-H30N.

Maybe something’s wrong on your side. It takes little time for me. Less than a minute to find and download the exe file. 2006. 06.

Anyway, the one on the LG Korean website is in Korean.

It’s possibly my security settings are too high but I’m having no problems with any other site.I’ll try it on my wife’s computer that has Hangul XP on it.

The firmware update program installed in English on my English XP OS.The icon in the tray was changing color from a green to a flashing orange but there was no update to the 1.00.I since changed my setting to ‘notify and I’ll choose’.

This H30N drive has a Panasonic chip MN103SC0GSA 610P5324.

There’s a second smaller Panasonic ship on the board.

The board itself reads JW6 ver. MP 2006/03/29

On the sticker is Product of China,June 2006.

I’ve had several LG sample drives over the years and a few had chips different from production models.This is a boxed retail production model.

This H30N drive has a Panasonic chip MN103SC0GSA 610P5324.

the GSA-H20L uses the Panasonic MN103SB4GSA chipset, so apparently the H30N’s is a slightly newer one.

i wonder if the H30N’s chipset is LightScribe capable and we’ll soon see a H30L.

Perhaps GSA-H30N is LG’s first DVD writer in these years to use a Panasonic chipset instead of Hitachi’s for the main target markets. Maybe another sign that LG will further want to operate independently of Hitachi (or HLDS) in the future. SATA interface for ODDs is so good but I’m still reluctant to throw away my outdated computers that do not have anything like SATA and USB 2.0.

Not sure if this is due to LG’s lower price but PC for All is now selling Samsung SH-W163A for 50,000 KRW (US$50). It was over 60,000 KRW a few days ago and the other shops are still selling at the same price.