S Anyone Familiar With Adcom Amplifiers? (Not A Computer Post)

Long story short: My NAD 2600 blew up from static electricity. A friend
who is not an audiophile has offered me an Adcom 555 Mk 2 really cheap
for $150.

The rest of my system is: Teac Esoteric P-10 transport to PS Audio sl3
D/A by Illumanati cable. McCormick Line Drive Deluxe passive pre. NHT
2.5I speakers bi-wired. All analog wiring is Tara. Also have analog
components & a Pioneer universal SACD player. Listening comments below
are with the digital front end.

I just plugged the Adcom in (I’m told it hadn’t been used much lately) &
have 3 concerns. With all 3 concerns, my question is, “Is this normal
behavior for an Adcom amp?”

  1. The heatsinks are quite hot from playing 4 songs at normal volume & the amp also runs really hot just idling.

  2. There is some light hiss in both channels, even with the input muted.
    One channel has more hiss then the other

  3. The amp is quite a bit brighter then the NAD. It may need to warm up
    for awhile (though again, the heat sinks are almost too hot to touch)

Heat is normal, these old amps are pretty inefficient.

Being an older amp, it’s prolly ready for new output capacitors and a general tune-up.

From what I can see, it’s a pretty well liked amp, but sometimes called “bright”. New capacitors can also change the sound, and certain type caps may be preferred. Consult with a qualified Adcom repair specialist for details.