S.A.D. reacts to accusation of the IFPI

I just posted the article S.A.D. reacts to accusation of the IFPI.

  Conductor used our  news submit to inform us about an article at  pcwelt.de. We grabbed the original press release to this article and  translated it ourself. This is the reaction of the...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7700-S_A_D_-reacts-to-accusation-of-the-IFPI.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7700-S_A_D_-reacts-to-accusation-of-the-IFPI.html)

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“Otherwise you will surely find different software that allows you to read copy protected DVDs.” AnyDVD is a great example of that, of which I the other day reported at S.A.D. forum concering their 3 times’ patch.

Great reaction, S.A.D.! Go for it and sue the music industry! It’s time for this… The MI is acting so stupid the last years…

I’ve never really understood the point of all these legal cases…what difference do they make? NONE! Those who can and want to go on backing up their DVDs, and no doubt copying the odd disc they don’t want to invest any money in, will do so. Anyone who’s really interested already has the tools to do the job and what ever laws are introduced ripping cracking software will ALWAYS be available. It’s been that way for years… Hey guys wake up and save your money, don’t line the lawyers pockets, make that money into additional profit. I think you’ll find that most peoples opinions of laws /cases like these are that they’re there simply to be broken. :d