RX716-A going wrong

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post and I wouldn’t normally post but I have the most unusual problem with my PX716-A. I can’t burn or play any audio CD’s, use any game software, play DVD movies with it yet I can access the manual from the CD-Rom provided with the drive. Bizarre in my mind but I’d like to see if this is common, is it fixable, is it perhaps an issue related to corruption that I can get direction on sorting?

Ihave XP SP2 using Firmware 1.10 for my Plextor. Can post more info if you like

Thanks in advance for any help


try to downgrade to 1.09.
also try in a diiferent os/ computer.
last thing to do: RMA the drive if it still in warranty period

Run the self test to determine if drive or system. use recommended media, i.e., TY or Verbatim.

Same problem here. will read Battlefield 2142 fine, but will not recognize burned cds or dvds, or even blanks. Firmware 2.10 downgraded to 2.09 same problem. Drive was tested on multiple PCs. After inserting a ±r disc or cd-r drive light flashes green a few times then continuously orange untill i pop the disc out. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Hi Malecoda

I went through the RMA system. They were very helpful and sent me a new drive within a week or so. I commend Plextor’s service and support. Please make sure you follow all their instructions before you remove your old drive.



cant rma. Drive is more than a year old. Think this is my last plextor, i can buy 4 $30 drives for what i payed for this one. Worked well while it lasted i guess. Thanks for the suggestion though.


you can RMA up to 2 years from manufacture date, mine was older than 1 year so it’s worth phoning and asking them.