Can anyone recommend some good, long-lasting 6x or faster DVD+/- RW’s? Does anyone make DL RW’s?

Long lasting? Who knows?!

Verbatim 6x DVD-RW are good in my experience.

Ricoh 8x DVD+RW are also good in my experience.

Dual/Double Layer RWs exist only as specs and in labs - they are not in production and you can’t buy them anywhere.

My Ricoh 8x +RW’s are very good - most trouble free RW I’ve ever had :slight_smile:

My Ricoh 8x +RW’s are very good - most trouble free RW I’ve ever had :slight_smile:

I agree with both the above posts.

I use my Ricoh 8x +RWs mostly & they’re excellent.

Can’t seem to locate these anywhere…any other recommendations, ridata?

Where are you located? :slight_smile:

Definitely nothing that has Ritek, Ridisc or Ridata on it.

You must be able to get Verbatim RWs surely.

Verbatim 8x DVD+RW, if you can get them, is good.
Or if you can get Ridata 8x DVD+RW: Ask whether they have the RITEK or RICOH code, they’re switching from time to time. The RICOH ones are much more compatible.

You want long-living RWs? => You want to perform [I]full [/I]erases on a regular basis (I do that every 7-8 uses or every six months, whatever comes first). :wink:
I don’t remember where I first read this trick, but it works for me, no failure with my 4 years old 4X Verbs. :cool:

Thanks guys. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to find some good +RW’s. I found Verbatims, but only in 4x. I think I may try some memorex or Fuji’s.

Buy the Verbatim 4x ones, NOT Memorex or Fuji - never know what RW’s you will get for sure. Verbs are far better :iagree: - and the 4x +RW’s are very good

Ok thanks.
BTW- I just came across a Memorex that I forgot I had (4x +RW) and I loaded it up with Nero CD-DVD speed, but the manufacturer says unknown, any other ways of finding out who made it?

What does it say the Media ID is? It should be something like MKM A02, underneath where it says unknown for the manufacturer :slight_smile:

INFODISC A10 001 (01)

They’r made by Infodisc - I wouldn’t trust them for anything long term :disagree:

Poor quality RW’s don’t really last long, maybe a couple of burns

There’s only one option really & that’s Verbs.

Other than the Ricoh 8x +RW media which many burners don’t support there is no other option.

i know where to get the slower verbatims, 4x +rw [MKM A02], SAMSCLUB plus a few other retailers have them, but still waiting for the faster
8x +rw [MKM A03]! but meanwhile, where can you get the ricoh 8x +rw [RICOHJPN W21] in the u.s.?

I am anticipating Mitsubishi/Verbatim 8X+RW. The ultra speed +RW market was flooded with Ritek 8X+RW. Ricoh 8X+RW are expensive, and I can’t spotted anywhere.

I hope MKMA03 would improve the ultra speed +RW market. :iagree:
Their 6X-RW is great.

I might buy me one today :iagree: