+RWs or -RWs for NEC-3500


Sorry for the relatively dumb question, but will it make much difference if I use + or - RW’s for my new NEC-3500?



Yo David-

Yes and No-

Very much depends on the media-

I had many coasters with Prodisc 8x +R’s (finally wound up giving about 80 to a friend of mine that has a Sony 500 - on which they work great)-

I have been using Ritek 8x -R’s (until they are used up) and Taiyo Yuden 8x in both - and + R’s for my critical data and movie backups-

At a price point of $.60 each or less for the Taiyo Yudens from www.rima.com there is NO good reason to not use the best-

Happy Burnin’


hay7777, if you mean rewriteable media, DVD+RW media should be prefered (it is the superior RW format (read this article by spath for details). In future, you may be able to change the booktype of your +RW discs with the NEC ND-3500 as well (not supported by the current firmwares yet), increasing the compatibility quite a bit. Furthermore, konsolen reported problems with -RW media in this thread.

Recommendable +RW media are Ricoh and Philips (4x) discs. Avoid the Mitsubishi (Verbatim) discs for now, because the ND-3500 doesn’t seem to like them much.

Thanks - yep, was asking about rewriteable media.

Think I’m going to go with the RITEK/RIDATA 4X DVD+RW 4.7GB 25PACK DRW+47-4X-RDCB25 - $16.90 for 25 which isn’t bad.

Thanks for the advice.



Ritek/ridata has been very very good to me-cheers

I tend to prefer +RW. I have been using 4x DataSafe which are identified as Ricoh (RICOHJPNW11), and they have been fine.

Just bought 25 Philips 4x +RW, but not tried them yet.

i have some Memorex 4X DVD+RW’s and they are RICOHJPNW11…they write and erase just fine so far…use them to back up my files.

+RW’s work like a charm, much better than CD-RW’s, on which I’ve had many, many problems on many different drives.

I haven’t had -RW’s, so I can’t judge that.

I don’t see what’s wrong with Verbatim DVD+RW??? I use them with my 3500 with no problems.

There is nothing wrong with the discs itself, the NEC ND-3500 just doesn’t seem to like them much. That’s my personal experience with a Verbatim 4x DVD+RW disc, and I don’t seem to be the only one, as can be seen in this scan by rdgrimes (from the sticky “burn speed and quality” thread).

But I’m glad that they work fine for you. Maybe NEC has improved the compatibility with the discs in the meanwhile. Too late for me though, since I bought a couple of Philips DVD+RW discs which work perfectly.