+RW PlayAtTime UOP


I create a software DVD Player.

I work with +RW (+VR) DVD format.

I use DVD Navigator function PlayAtTime and it returns VFW_E_DVD_OPERATION_INHIBITED.

If I try other formats, the function works fine.

Anybody can explain me why?

Thank you in advance,

Does this answer your question: (compliments of wikipedia)

VR Mode (aka Video Recording): This is a new format that allows editing/deleting titles and getting the total of space of deleted titles back/recording of copy once broadcasts/defect management. Used by DVD-RAM (DVD-RAM only uses this format) and DVD-RW. Because it is a newer format (well been around for several years but newer than DVD Video) it will only playback in modern DVD Players that support it.

Video mode This is the standard DVD Video mode format, the same format DVD films come in. Because the DVD Video format was invented before DVD’s were recordable it doesn’t allow editing on the disc, doesn’t support defect management (so not as robust for continuous everyday recording and wiping), if you delete a title you may not get the space back without completely erasing the disc, and needs a finalise step to play elsewhere. As it is the same format as commercial DVD films, there is a good chance it will work in most DVD Players. Can be used on DVD-RW and DVD-R discs, never used DVD-RAM. Most (but not all) recorders that use DVD-RW will give you choice of VR mode or Video mode.


I do not understand how your replay answers my question.

Please write in more details.

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Have you tried a used DVD+RW? If it is only new DVD+RW that fails, then you have a faulty IDE controller driver that prevents formatting of DVD+RW discs.

VR Mode (aka Video Recording):

Used by DVD-RAM (DVD-RAM only uses this format) and DVD-RW.

The items above from the first paragraph, show that VR is used only with DVD-RAM and DVD-RW. No DVD+RW. For video playback, you should NOT be recording to VR mode. VR mode is for editing, then you need to convert to mpeg2 if you want to burn to dvd+rw dvd’s.

Hi Steve,

What is the meaning “used DVD +RW”?

The process is the following:

  1. I insert a blank DVD +RW media indo Sony DVO-1000MD recorder (that works only with DVD +RW).

  2. I connect this DVO recorder with some system (for example TV) via S-Video.

  3. I do recording from the system (for example TV) into the DVD +RW media.

  4. I eject the DVD +RW media from the DVO recorder.

  5. I insert the DVD +RW media into my PC and test the software DVD PlayBack application that I have written.

  6. For example, Play, Stop,Pause,Fastforward etc. operations work fine.
    But PlayAtTime failes.

  7. When I change DVD media to any other format (not +RW), PlayAtTime works fine.

The conclucion that I want to do is the +RW format does not support playing into chapters by specific time.

Am I right?

Thank you,

Hi harley2ride,

I searched in Internet and saw that +RW (the other name is +VR) can be playing on most DVD modern Players. I specially checked it on my home player - works fine.

But what about my question? Do you know something about prohibition of Play At specific Time within a chapter on +RW ?

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