RW overspeeding for 3500



Since the 3520,RW are a bit faster then the 3500,is it possible to use higher speed on the 3500 drive? (actual 6x or 8x,by overpeeding i mean the drive itself).


Not unless Nec releases the firmware with support for 6x and 8x burning.


We might try converting 6x and 8x strategies to the 3500, but I highly doubt this will work.


Well,one can only hope :slight_smile:


We should first hope for 6x and 8x rewritables being widely available


Of course,don’t worry,ill remind you just in case if you will forget :stuck_out_tongue:


Rest assured, I will forget. I always forget lots of things… sigh


Just kidding Liggy,i admire your work


hmm, Is it possible to burn at 6x a 4x RW on a NEC-3520 ??


Of course it is. Unfortunately you won’t be able to read back what you’ve written. To be more precise, your disc will probably be garbage after burning.


I suppose it is related to organical composition of +RW media, isn’t it?