RW- or RW+



Hi guys,

I am so new to making videos. I hope someone can help me figure this problem out. I made a video yesterday on two different types of media. RW- and RW+. I am using PowerDirector to make my video. I can import the video from the RW+ but can’t import from the RW-. Can someone tell me what to do to get the video off the RW-.

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Are the original disc created on a camcorder or a standalone DVD recorder?

When you record on a DVD+RW in DVD recorders (and I’m guessing also camcorders), the disc is automatically “finalized” so that it can be read in DVD players and the DVD drive in your computer.

DVD-RW media on the other hand has to be manually “finalized” in order to be read in other players and drives.

So you might have to reinsert the DVD-RW into your camcorder or DVD recorder and choose to “finalize” the disc. The term may be something else than “finalize” depending on equipment.

There’s also the added complication of DVD-RW having two different formats when recorded, one being “DVD Video” which is the same format as commercial DVDs, and the other being “DVD-VR” with better editing features but not compatible with (most) DVD players.

Some video programs may be able to read DVD Video and not DVD-VR.

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