+RW media tests



I have been doing some testing of +RW media Philips brand RITEK 004 using Beta 3 firmware although I don’t suppose that makes any difference as I don’t think the write strategies have been changed for +RW media. The results don’t seem too good to me. I have experienced this on every media I’ve tried -R +R +RW -RW 4 different types and all had high levels of errors very similar to this +Rw disk. I only have a Liteon 163D DVD-Rom drive to test for errors. There is no bitsetting working for +RW media that I have experienced. I experience high errors near the beginning of the disks and a lesser amount nearer the later sections (from 1GB onwards). That is unless it is my DVD-Rom that is showing it’s age as it is a few years old. Is is possible to get bitsetting working on +RW media? I realise that this isn’t too appealing to most people but I like using them as they can be re-used and it would be nice to have improved compatability with some DVD players.



I use Philips 4x +RW (Philips 041) and the scans look terrible but they have worked perfectly with every single device i have tried them in.

Also i would not recommend you use a dvd-rom drive for scanning as the results are very misleading (ie: all burned discs are crap).


Why not? I only have a DVD-Rom drive that can read the disks. What is wrong with using a DVD-Rom drive?



You are only going to get very bad results with no matter what discs you test, if you want to use a dvd-rom drive then that is your choice but the readings are going to be awful and make out your discs are all screwed when they are not.