I just got the movie RV today. A search of this site did not show any thread had been started on backing in up yet. Has anyone else got the DVD and what are you using to make a back up copy of it?


I too am looking for help. I have tried DVDFab Decrypter, DVD Shrink 3.2, DVD X, and DVD Decrypter. All to no avail. Anyone having any luck with RV.

Try ripit4me and dvdshrink or dvd decrypter depending on if you are going to do a doule layer dvd decrypter or a single layer dvd shrink disc. All 3 are free.

Thanks Dr. Who I will try that.

I used DVD2one version 1.5. DVD shrink, anydvd, dvd decryptor, dvdfab did not work for me.

Over at the DVDvideo forums, several have had problems and said they used RipIt4Me with DVDD and got it okay. Try that. Also, some have said it looks like the type of protection on R2 discs but it is on R1 discs.

If any are using AnyDVD, you may want to copy the IFO files from the disc (with AnyDVD closed down) zip them and send them to Slysoft so they can look at them.

man, people just use the ol’ anydvd and clonedvd combination and if it is worth a darn for quality use dvd rebuilder…i have not yet had 1 movie using this comibination i could not backup NONE…

whatever you use, fab, anydvd, or ripit, make sure you have the latest version

the full screen R1 is a mess

Hi all … i think i got it …anydvd ver 6 and 1click dvd copy (pro)… it seems to be working

got it