Russian software developer defeats pirate in boxing match!



I just posted the article Russian software developer defeats pirate in boxing match!.

 Andrei Smirnov of Cognitive Technologies computer company,  challenged a pirate selling his companies goods to a boxing match at a local  fitness center. In three rounds, lasting 3 minutes each,...
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LMAO!!! :slight_smile:


Bill Gates could be spending the rest of his life, boxing…:slight_smile:


Yeah, get em get em!


lol!! :+


russian style of resolving the differences…loving it :wink:


Lucky programmer… must have been a small pirate-criminal - not the russian mafia :g


LOL. But, I doubt he would be able to beat the Pirate :wink:


and in further news, the pirate was associated with the Russian Mafia and the software maker is now dead :wink: lol