Russian security expert shows USB stick that bricks computer in a second



We’ve just posted the following news: Russian security expert shows USB stick that bricks computer in a second[newsimage][/newsimage]

A Russian security expert has developed a device that looks like a regular USB stick but in fact destroys computers.

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The only usefull purpose of this is to prove that the propaganda about surge protection on mainboard ports ( usb etc ) is a scam.


How do you accumulate 220V on an usb port that got 5V DC max?


Maybe a similar method to the way you pre-charge a flash on older cameras, y’know? Once you charge a capacitor up, release it all at once in a shocking discharge.


There is a 220v capacitor this small fitting into an usb stick?
I thought those ports are overvoltage protected…

apparently not!

However, takes a pretty sick mind creating such thing


^ That’s how I’d do it if I were to do such an evil trick. With the many shapes and sizes of USB drives, I can imagine it would be easy to pass it off as a fashionable or highly advanced/capacious drive. “Don’t mind the whine/high pitched noise; that means it’s working REALLY fast!” :bigsmile:

There’s probably an unlimited number of other methods, but that seems like the most straightforward (with my limited knowledge of electricity).