Russian police seize US$1 million worth of pirated video discs

I just posted the article Russian police seize US$1 million worth of pirated video discs.

Another major bust in the piracy scene, this time in Moscow. A firm producing bootleg DVDs was raided by Russian authorities. The discs contained movies that weren’t allowed to be shown in Russia…

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quote: “Probably this move was made under pressure of the USA,” why? There are not just criminals and corrupt officials in Russia, you know…; big scale piracy is a pain in the ass for the russian music/software industry either (check kazaa for the russian pop group Taty/Tatu) - many songs there, I don’t think the Russian artists like that

Russia has bigger problems than piracy. It is a known fact that the USA is pushing them to fight piracy. RIAA and fellows have big influence in American government. I’m sorry if my word choice has upset you, but I’m not a native English speaker. I quote the original article: “The United States has been urging the Russian government to take stronger action against software piracy, saying Russia has become the world’s second largest producer of counterfeit music and video products after China.” If they officialy say ‘urging’, then we both know what they do behind the screens :wink:

20 cd/dvd to one. you can’t argue with that ratio.:9

USA should not be pressuring other countries to crack down on mass copying. It is one country’s own business to do what they want to do about this kind of stuff. Whether a country cracks down on mass copying and selling or not, is completely their own business.

UofM3000 you are completely right, but since the USA thinks they ARE the world … (they always forget they are just a part of it like any other country) we do have a problem :frowning:

Alright… Alright… enough U.S. bashing. You have to realize is that a country who consumes 80% of the worlds resources and almost controls the world economy can get a big head sometimes.

Sometimes ??? :c