Russian Pirates Rule the CDs

I just posted the article Russian Pirates Rule the CDs….

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Pirated-music lovers who weep at the thought of a Napster-free world might soon have reason to dry their eyes. The Russian Mafia, the…

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DoMi Rulez !!

I’m moving to Russia!

Nmrjest ja mistrobo

It´s a shame they don´t use their strenght to fight the Russian mafia, and leave us other little fishies alone, I´ve been to lithuania and Poland almost all the cds you see in shops there, is illegal copies wiht really bad printed covers

What means Nmrjest ja mistrobo

Oh, I know:
I’m the first!!!

Hey gowlen! You are talking shit, stores in poland have no illegal copys, there are some markets or bazars where you get that stuff, but trust me a standard shop has not stuff or you have visited a dude who made up a store with illegal stuff, which he might close in some months. The police in poland is fucking fast concerning closing those stores. SEE YA