Russian hacker *April fool* breaks Microsoft Windows DRM

I just posted the article Russian hacker April fool breaks Microsoft Windows DRM.

                                                                                    Well another year and  another April Fools. It was great to read that someone even visited today just to ...
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Hmmm Well it took a while for my 2.4ghz Intel proc and cable modem to do it. But this seems to really work! But i did not time it. Thanks Lirpa! :d

Although this is a clever idea, it really isn’t breaking anything as the title of the article, “[…]breaks Microsoft Windows DRM.” When I saw the title I thought it meant someone had removed the DRM from the mp3 file entirely, which isn’t the case.

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Uh… whats the programs name? “FakeDRM” comes up with nothing.

He must be looking for a job at Microsoft… :wink:

Come on Danny Bell, the dvd Jon joke was enough for the day :stuck_out_tongue:

Lirpa is April spelt backwards fools:d:d:d:d:d

Hmm these Hax0Rz are very clever, the backwards assumed name is something that Leanardo DaVinci would think of too. hehehe. :d

Haven’t you guys learnt last year as Dan “releases” the first ever CDFreaks optical drive. It was April 1st then! It is April 1st now - and lirpa is April spelt backward. Had Dan put lirpa1, it might take users a bit more time to figure it out. I wonder how many was suckered with this joke? Remember, next year around April, anything Dan says is a joke…:B

This flamer just does not know when to give up.

Who thing was kind of iffy. “The time required for the entire unlocking is usually about 1 to 3 minutes from what we have seen.” With brute force? Come on.

That must have been two years ago. Last year we had to reveal IP adresses to the RIAA. :B But at the moment 1542 people already downloaded this nice little app.

Yea, I was fooled, but from my earlier post (the second one) I wasn’t really impressed anyways, hehe. Now if DRM was removed entirely, I would truely have liked that joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

wooohoooo! :+:p:):o:S