Russian government warns torrent sites for new anti-piracy laws



We’ve just posted the following news: Russian government warns torrent sites for new anti-piracy laws[newsimage][/newsimage]

The Russian government has warned torrent site owners about an additional anti-piracy law that will take effect the 1st of May this year.

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And their actions with this doesn’t give them much credit either…

In the recent years, companies like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter were repeatedly asked to remove videos or pages that criticized the government.

Sounds more like Censorship because they can’t take the lime light…


“Sounds like” nothing; it is censorship. Russia under Vladimir Putin has pretty much become the old Soviet Union with a new coat of lipstick.


Russian censorship… (secretly) brought to you by your favorite copyright bullies from around the world. I’ll bet someone at the RIAA is throwing a party in celebration of their successful bribery.