Russian Cryllic words cannot be copied

Sorry if this is wrong forum, don’t know exactly where to put this.

anyway, I Dl’d some Russian stuff for a few Russian friends I have.

But when I tried to burn it, I found it impossilble. I tried, Prassi, Padus, Nero so far and can’t do it.

I contacted Padus & Nero: they don’t know how to do it either. My Russian friends are not computer freaks & have no idea, other than the obvious fact that in Russian ppl must be able to do it.

I also installed Russian Cryllic fonts, and even set my system region, etc for that. But no luck so far.

PS - yes I know I can Rar the files and then burn the rar files, but that’s not what I want to do.

is it just not able to burn the file names ? i thought these letters were part of unicode.

I saw a thread somewhere about this, or something like it…ummm

I think burnatonce was a solution, but dont quote me

Wow, look at what using the Search can do:

Wow that’s quite a thread you linked me to!!

Thanks very much. Obviously the tricks there worked, I’ll just have to put in the time reading it and learning how to to it.

… I was SOOoooo sure no one would have mentioned this that I never searched for “russian”. Thanks for having the brains that I lack.

I’m very glad I joined here, to say the least.

I even asked this question at Cebit in Germany (the giant computer show) of major software houses & no one knew how to do it.

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Originally posted by henry

I even asked this question at Cebit in Germany & no one knew how to do it.

Business as usual. :bigsmile: